Breast Cancer Support Groups

A breast cancer 'Support Group' or a 'Community' is formed by people who have been touched by breast cancer, be it themselves, or their family members or friends. A woman undergoing treatment of breast cancer (as also her caregivers), goes through a lot of emotional turmoil and in such situations, a support group plays an extremely important role. Seeing other women, who have completed their treatment and are fine now, gives an immense moral boost to those undergoing treatment, apart from the guidance and tips during the treatment phase.

Support groups could be online or offline. The Pink Initiative's Online Community for Indian breast cancer patients, started in January 2013, is presently the only Online support system in India, catering to indian breast cancer patients. When it comes to offline groups, there are many such groups in practically every city of India and it is our endeavour to enlist as many of them here as possible.

Online Support Groups:


The Pink Initiative's online forum for Indian breast cancer patients, hosted on, is a place bustling with activity. Launched in January 2013, we now have over 1000 members, most of them being breast cancer survivors themselves. This place is the right online home to share your experience and to ask for help or advice from others who have undergone this journey. It also gives a true and genuine perspective of women suffering from breast cancer in India, their view points, their obstacles, their brave approach, their story, their fight and their victory. Discussing here will clear all your doubts you ever had, regarding the standard treatment of breast cancer.

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