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The Pink Initiative is a Non Governmental Organization, registered under charities in India. We are based in Borivli, which is a suburb of Mumbai. We do not have any branch or affiliate outside of Mumbai. Our work relates to breast cancer, in different forms - generating awareness about breast cancer in the general population.
There are two core members who manage the offline activities, presentations and print media stuff. And then, there are volunteers, who help maintain the online activities. The Core Members are:

  • Sumeet Shah,
    Head, Operations

  • Ujwala Raje,
    Head, Operations

Core Team members


Dr. Sumeet Shah is a Surgical Oncologist, practising in Mumbai.
After having done his M.S. (General Surgery) from Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, Sumeet spent five years at the Tata Memorial Centre, in Surgical Oncology. He performs all major and supra major surgeries for solid organ cancers, his specialty being complete management of Breast cancer and Gastro Intestinal cancers. He runs one of the most popular websites on breast cancer in India and started the first indian online support group for breast cancer patients in India.
+91 93222 37630 (Time: 7 PM to 9 PM)


Ujwala has undergone the journey of breast cancer twice - once, when her mother was diagnosed, and the other time, when she herself was diagnosed with the same. However, the tragic memories of having seen her mother succumb to cancer did not deter her even an inch and she bravely fought the illness. Her enthusiasm, energy and positive attitude never ceases to amaze all the doctors she has faced, in the journey. She is perfectly fine now, and continues her work as the Head of Trading (Law and Technical) at the Trent Hypermarket Limited, Mumbai. Ujwala takes a very active interest in working towards empowering women with breast cancer awareness, and is the driving force behind The Pink Initiative's endeavours, by actively collaborating with various organizations to conduct presentations geared towards breast cancer awareness.
+91 77383 80741 (Time: 5 PM to 9 PM)

Our Volunteers


Pat is based in Los Angeles, US, with a Masters in Education (taught for 35 years), and a degree in Church and choral music (she sings in church and is a part of the choir); and has been a triple cancer survivor! She has survived Leukemia (2003), then battled breast cancer (2007) and finally, chucked out a melanoma from her body (2013), and is all fit and fine! A phenomenally strong lady, with very balanced thoughts about cancer treatment, Pat plays a very active role on the online forum of The Pink Initiative. Her guidelines in tackling common cancer and its treatment related problems are always penned with simple yet meticulous detail, which help others overcome their problems. Apart from this, the positive attitude she instils in the members is very helpful.


Amit is an experienced marketing professional who has managed the marketing function for India's largest private sector bank for the Middle East and South Africa for more than 8 years. He presently resides in London and pursues cricket umpiring in his spare time. Amit has been actively involved in propagating our Facebook Initiative and increasing its visibility. He firmly believes that the smallest of effort makes the biggest difference to any cause you may undertake.

IARC's chart

    IARC stands for the International Agency for Research in Cancer and is an arm of the WHO (World Health Organization). IARC, on it's website on breast cancer, has provided a very good chart with pictures of signs of breast cancer and is worth seeing. Please click below:

IARC Chart

Guidelines for early detection

    To read the standard guidelines followed worldwide, Please click below:


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