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The Pink Initiative is a Non Governmental Organization, registered under charities in India. We are based in Borivli, which is a suburb of Mumbai. We do not have any branch or affiliate outside of Mumbai. Our work relates to breast cancer, in different forms - generating awareness about breast cancer in the general population. We can be contacted at our email: or
Due to spam calls and calls at unearthly hours, we have stopped sharing our direct contact number here. If you wish to talk to us, please drop us an email with your concern and your mobile number and we shall definitely get back to you, as soon as is possible, usually within 12 to 24 hours. We are here to help.

What we do

  • We run the only existing active online support group for indian breast cancer patients and care givers. There are more than 2600 members and more than 1200 questions answered. You can visit the forum by clicking HERE

  • Aim to generate awareness about breast cancer, in the masses, by utililing various forms of media as the medium. We regualrly use A3 size posters at appropriate places, especially during the month of October, which is the breast cancer awareness month.

  • Conduct Powerpoint presentations across Mumbai, about breast cancer, to sizeable crowds. These presentations are purely picture based, and help women to understand breast cancer and clear all myths, and most importantly, arm them to diagnose breast cancer early. Seeing is believing.

  • Tie up with various institutions or corporates or online vendors, for the month of October (usually), toward generating breast cancer awareness together.

  • Apart from the online support forum, We also run a very small offline support group in Mumbai, encouraging one to one interaction of patients belonging to our affiliated doctors.

And What we don't do:

  • We do not endorse any particular brand of pharma, when it comes to cancer medicines or any procut related to early detection (this relates to our online forum)

  • We do not have any commercial tie ups, whereby our logo or brand is used by others to promote their products, even if they may be related tobreast cancer. We are explicitly mentioning this, since we do get emails and offers for same (which we of course, politely refuse).

Do you wish us do a Powerpoint Presentation at your place?

We can come over to your place, if you are located in the western suburbs of Mumbai, to perform a PowerPoint presentation. Following are the pre requisites:

  • A guaranteed audience of at least 100 to 150 people

  • A multimedia projector and adequate seating for audience

  • We will be charging a nominal fee (in the range of a few thousands), with the cheque to be in the name of 'The Pink Initiative'

  • You cannot be charging anything from the audience. We would not be a part of it, if there is any commercial activity involved by holding the presentation.

Please Note: The above points are a must. If audience is less or if there is no multimedia projector, we would not be able to do it at your place. One main reason is, we are going to spend few hours coming to and going from your place, in addition to an hour or two for presentation. If there is a small audience, say 15 or 20 people or maybe, say 30, it doesnt make sense spending a total of 5 to 6 hours behind it (Please remember, we are professionals and busy in our own work, we have to take time out of our busy schedules and OPD's for such activities). If there is a much larger audience, it makes sense for us to give our time and energy.
We may sound harsh above, but over a period of last seven years, we have seen and learned a lot. We have had the opportunity to get in touch with many many corporates, schools and colleges, women groups, various clubs, political people etc. We have done more than a hundred presentations till date. We havent charged a single penny till June 2018, for anything. Those who attended our presentations, were reasonably happy and satisfied on having undertood breast cancer. There is a way to reach out to people when it comes to cancer education.
Apart from this mostly good experiences, in the last seven years, we also have had sour experiences, not infrequently. We have seen, especially when approached by corporates, by politicians, and by certain other groups, the extreme level of apathy towards both, the breast cancer cause and towards an NGO, the half hearted (just for fulfiling some CSR responsibilities) and callous attitude of many who approached us, the lack of respect for our time, the list goes on. People just do not value anything if it is free. We have had instances where people wanted to make money out of our lectures, where they had vested interests and schemes to promote their products, and when confronted on same people have advised us our role as an NGO and what we should be doing. Not once, not twice, but many many times. So, over last seven years, the more we saw, the more we felt hurt and humiliated - forget about being appreciative about some good work, people on the other hand, will advise you on what you should and should not do, and as for our time we give, there is just no respect. So we are done with it. We have completely changed our approach, and we now do selectively for few groups. And of course, such good people are also there, mind you, who are worth working for, worth doing everything for. We still continue the good work, we quietly do for groups who deserve.
So if you wish to call us at your place, we are more than happy to come and help you. And you can trust us, the passion with which we take it up upon ourselves to educate on cancer, is something you wont regret and you shall be happy. But if you are doing just for the sake of fulfiling some CSR responsibility at your end without being genuine about the cause, please call some other NGO, there are many. Transparency and accountability (to what is committed to us) is what we look for.

IARC's chart

    IARC stands for the International Agency for Research in Cancer and is an arm of the WHO (World Health Organization). IARC, on it's website on breast cancer, has provided a very good chart with pictures of signs of breast cancer and is worth seeing. Please click below:

IARC Chart

Guidelines for early detection

    To read the standard guidelines followed worldwide, Please click below:


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