The Pink Initiative is a Non Governmental Organization, registered under charities in India. We can be contacted at the following:
+91 93222 37630 (Contact person: Sumeet Shah)(4 PM to 9 PM)
+91 77383 80741 (Contact person: Ujwala Raje)(10 AM to 5 PM)

We request you to preferably use email if you can. We shall respond as soon as possible, maximum within 24 hours. Alternatively, you could leave a Whatsapp message on our number and we shall revert when we read it. We request you to use the phone only if utmost necessary and request you to please note the timings.

What we do:

  • Aim to generate awareness about breast cancer, in the masses, by utililing various forms of media as the medium. Our five aims, related to breast cancer, are enlisted on the first page (Home page).

  • Conduct Powerpoint presentations across Mumbai, to sizeable crowds. These presentations are purely picture based, and help women to understand breast cancer and clear all myths, and most importantly, arm them to diagnose breast cancer early. Seeing is believing.

  • Collaborate with people / companies / groups / media who wish to generate and donate funds towards breast cancer charities. In this aspect, we work towards the awareness part of their campaigns, in various means. We support them in their initiative. We lend them help in their online activities for promotion and if based in Mumbai, we co ordinate with them for actively working towards awareness in their initiatives.

  • Apart from the online support forum, We also run an offline support group in Mumbai, towards helping those undergoing treatment, as also those who have completed their treatment.

  • We arrange for economical breast cancer surgery for needy patients.

A glimpse of our work

The Pink Initiative

How you can help:

  • You could put up A3 posters on breast cancer awareness (provided by us) at your workplace which is frequented by people (common rooms, canteens, etc.). We also provide pamphlets with detailed information on breast cancer, which can be distributed at your centre. Apart from this, if you have a sizeable audience (at least 200 to 300 people) and an auditorium with multimedia projector, we can come over to your place to conduct a presentation on breast cancer awareness.

  • We get a lot of offers for donations to our NGO. We appreciate the faith in us, but we wish to state here that we do not accept donations. And since we don't accept donations, we are not in a position to help anyone monetarily. We can help, though, in facilitating breast cancer surgery for the needy in very low cost by virtue of our tie up with charitable hosptials.