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Our Logo - A Butterfly

We had quite a few choices for the logo. The Pink Initiative, being a women centric organization, the choices narrowed down towards a rose and a butterfly. A rose always signifies elegance - a woman. But we were more drawn towards the butterfly, as it represents a freedom - in the true sense. A freedom from cancer, a heart free to move around. We would desire every woman to live a life free, of her own accord, without any pressure. Let her be free, like the butterfly.

Why a butterfly?

Every ticking moment of our lives
So incomplete without these pink pearls
They enrich our lives; in every walk of our lives
We feel their fragrance in different roles

A mother's love, so pure and unconditional, no power can match it
A sister's affection, so true and beautiful, all worries it can drain
A wife's love and care; her touch for her hubby so reassuring
A daughter's warmth and love; her tight hug can cure all pain

Like a little butterfly their heart wanders
Sowing happiness all around
And with their unfettering love and support
Even toughest times of our lives, easier they make sound

Let a smile always stay on their faces
Let them in an unending happiness always be
Don't ever let sadness touch them
Let their heart, like the butterfly, fly free