A stitch in time saves nine

Our Logo - A Butterfly

We had quite a few choices for the logo. The Pink Initiative, being a women centric organization, the choices narrowed down towards a rose and a butterfly. A rose always signifies elegance - a woman. But we were more drawn towards the butterfly, as it represents a freedom - in the true sense. A freedom from cancer, a heart free to move around. We would desire every woman to live a life free, of her own accord, without any pressure. Let her be free, like the butterfly.


Every ticking moment of our lives
So incomplete without these pink pearls
They enrich our lives; in every walk of our lives
We feel their fragrance in different roles

A mother's love, so pure and unconditional, no power can match it
A sister's affection, so true and beautiful, all worries it can drain
A wife's love and care; her touch for her hubby so reassuring
A daughter's warmth and love; her tight hug can cure all pain

Like a little butterfly their heart wanders
Sowing happiness all around
And with their unfettering love and support
Even toughest times of our lives, easier they make sound

Let a smile always stay on their faces
Let them in an unending happiness always be
Don't ever let sadness touch them
Let their heart, like the butterfly, fly free

IARC's chart

    IARC stands for the International Agency for Research in Cancer and is an arm of the WHO (World Health Organization). IARC, on it's website on breast cancer, has provided a very good chart with pictures of signs of breast cancer and is worth seeing. Please click below:

IARC Chart

Guidelines for early detection

    To read the standard guidelines followed worldwide, Please click below:


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