Breast skin changes

A 'lump' is a very common term, implying, a 'knot' or a 'mass' or a 'hard feeling' in the breast. Different women will have different interpretation of lumps. So here we discuss, what exactly is a lump? How to look out for a lump? And what to look out for, when examining for a lump.

The following way of explanation may sound very funny, but honestly, many women do not understand what a lump feels like and how to look out for one. Analogy is the best way to explain a lump. Hence an attempt to explain a bit in detail on how to watch out for a lump.

Skin and volume changes in the breast

The texture and the feel of the skin over the breast is an important indicator of the problems lying underneath, in the breast tissue. A variety of skin changes can occur and one can keep them in mind.