What is "Breast Awareness"?

'Breast Awareness' is an officially accepted word, and is usually mentioned in all the breast cancer early detection guidelines worldwide. Breast awareness means that a woman must be 'aware' or 'familiar' with the structure of her breasts by examining them regularly, so that she can herself detect any small change that may have happened, and which could possibly be an early sign of a cancer. Breast Awareness also includes, being 'aware' or being 'familiar' about the various 'symptoms' and 'signs' of breast cancer, so that, while performing their monthly self examinations, women can keep in mind those symptoms of cancer, and look out if they have developed it.

All the common breast symptoms have been discussed here. On the menu on the right, you can select what you wish to know more about. All lumps are not cancerous and so are other symptoms. It is essential to keep them in mind, so you can alert yourselves and decide when you can visit your doctor.

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